Why India Lags Behind In Exercise?

India is a great country of values and ethics. India is also a country with the fastest growing population with life style related diseases. Although as a society with we have modernized in terms of clothes we wear and working but when it comes to body and health a lot is left wanting.

How many Indians actively participate in sports? Best indicator is the medals we as a nation win in events like Asian games or Olympics. We are a society which is very alive and aware about the matters relating to family and society. But are we a society which thinks about our physical health!!

The best answer to this question is that although we are afraid of lots of genetic diseases like obesity, diabetes and heart diseases we are not working towards preventing it from hitting it to us.

The phenomenal rise in popularity of yoga in recent times is an indicator of the need to look at our health as the lifestyle diseases are hitting us badly. India is still not a nation which is working on health and exercises for body. Let us look at it form a social perspective. There are 4 main reasons for not doing exercises by Indians.

Ignorance towards proper exercise pattern

First and foremost reason is ignorance towards proper exercise pattern. Often when we view people that have injured themselves during exercise, we find that the underlying problem is lack of knowledge of correct techniques. This ignorance can lead to serious accidents which can affect the mobility of person or will discourage you from trying it for your life.

Ignorance towards Value addition of exercise in daily life

Second ignorance towards the real benefit or value addition of exercise in daily life. These days we all know that Majority of Indians are affected by Lifestyle diseases like Diabetes, arthritis and cardiovascular diseases. But we don’t realise the real reason behind these diseases, which is lack of exercise and poor diet in daily routine. We are all stressed in meeting morning and evening deadlines, Reaching office on time, finishing house and office work, it becomes difficult to take out time. Though, if we really take time from daily routine for our daily exercise we can save lot of time for visiting doctors and avoiding long term complication in life.

Mind-set towards exercise and sports in schools and colleges.

Another main reason for not doing any exercise is their mind-set towards exercise and sports in schools and colleges. Indeed education tends be the highest priority for the average Indian household instead of extra-curricular activities such as sports. The fact is we don’t imbibe the daily exercise in our schools and colleges, hardly a few schools and colleges focus on regular exercises in students. This impact their overall lifestyle and behaviour throughout life. Thus if we could improve the teaching methodology and make it regular habit for all students to play and exercise, we are more likely to carry it for our lifetime.

Unavailability of Gyms and Parks

Last but not the least point for having lack of motivation and support for doing exercises in availability of Gyms and Parks. We know that it’s hard to motivate yourself.  But, curiously enough, the key culprit could be lack of proper facilities in societies with overcrowded gyms and parks, which make it difficult to access machines.

Remember Wellness comes before illness. There is no one giant step that does it. It’s a lot of little steps!



By Dr Meesha Deshpande

School of Beauty & Wellness SSOU





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