The Future of Technology in India – A Change That Will Stay!

Technology in India has taken quantum leaps since the year 1990. The rapid development of the nation and massive growth in the information technology industry has been hand in hand. Even amidst the pandemic, the future of technology is way more confident than other sectors. Technology is omnipresent across sectors in one way or another. 

According to an article in Aeologic, the tech industry will see a considerable growth of up to $350 billion within the next five years, promising a bright future to the nation. 

Whether prominently or underlying, technology is winning over the world and is showing tremendous progress. Technology is multifaceted in nature and brings multiple opportunities in terms of career. 

As the world has shifted to remote working, technology is now everywhere. The world is now more dependent on technology. In the past few years, technology has experienced massive advancements, giving the nation a chance to usher in prosperity.

As we all know that many career prospects like Data Analyst, AR&VR Developer, CNC Programmer and more are now widespread. You could be a part of the fastest growing industry too! Want to know how? 

Future-Ready Skills Training (FST) is an exceptional and one of a kind project offered by Symbiosis Skills and Professional University (SSPU) at its campus in Pune. The FST program not only aims to bring young professionals closer to life-changing opportunities but also give everyone an equal chance. 

The programs are specially designed to train the graduate youth, especially girls, from the underprivileged sections or from rural areas or from tier 2 and 3 academia where such training opportunities are missing. The goal is to impart quality training and education to make graduates or graduating student employable.

These courses pledge to prepare the students for the most employable sector and for an enhanced future. The classes are full-time and short-term, almost like a quick fix to prepare you to embrace better career opportunities in Future Technologies. Let us understand a little about all the courses offered by Future-Ready Skills Training

Become a Part of the Booming Industry of Technology With 9 Courses That Make You ‘Future-Ready’ for Different Roles!


1. Machine Learning Engineer or AI Analyst: 

These are two very popular and high in demand roles now. The course offers acquisition of data analysis skills, building and deploying Machine Learning solutions and much more. The course teaches the basics of application of various tools and how you can apply the training in businesses. 

2. Data Associate: 

This role requires skills in being able to implement and design processes for large-scale and complex data. The course by FST will train you and teach you about everything from technical communication to using tools of data analysis. 

3. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Developer: 

This is one of the most exciting roles that you can take up. This job will not only pay you well but will also be a fun part of your life. You will be awed by the magic of technology. The course helps you understand the details of the various aspects of this role. 

4. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Analyst: 

Have you ever thought what and how exactly does bitcoin and Blockchain work? Did you know that you can secure your digital asset by creating your private Blockchain? Learn about these aspects of technology in detail and bag a well-paying job with a prosperous-looking future. 

5. 3D Printing Machine Operator and Installer: 

Looking for a job in manufacturing or automation then look no further. Learn installing, maintaining and much more with this course and kick-start your career. 

6. CNC Programmer and Machinist:


A well-planned course to help you learn how to create a program for the computers to enable it to operate other machines. They are mainly used in manufacturing and automation industries. CNC also improves the flexibility of the units.  

7. PLC Programmer: 

PLC stands for Programmable Logic Controller which controls other machines and processes. Get trained by the professionals and experienced teachers to become a PLC programmer. 

8. Robotics Process Automation: 


This role is as impressive as its name. You can watch the wonders of Artificial Intelligence unveil in this. The course gives hands-on training for a better understanding and application of learning. 

9. Internet of Things – Hardware Solution Designer:


IoT is everywhere! From smart city projects to smart buildings, all kinds of automation is built with the help of IoT. Want to be a part of the most exciting aspect of information technology? Then this is your path to take. 

Technology has brought a plethora of opportunities that await you. Step into the most significant industry and give your career the boost it deserves. The courses by Future-Ready Skills Training is designed to match the industry standards and to help you achieve your dreams. They vary from 1 to 3 months, with extensive learning on each topic. The courses are free of cost so that nothing can stop you from learning from the best. 

“Learning can never exhaust the mind”-Leonardo Da Vinci

Wondering still? Don’t think. Act!

Know more about the courses, and watch your dreams unfold.

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