The Future of Data Science Is Bright – Reasons Disclosed!

According to Tim Berners Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web–

“Data is a Precious Thing and will Last Longer than the Systems themselves.”

Today technology has enabled some of the most innovative transitions. From industries to our regular life, technology has transformed the way of living. The most ‘impacted by technology’ is industrialisation. 

With technology comes a lot of data also known as Big Data. A magnanimous amount of data is available from various sources that can be used for many different activities. If used in the right way, data can be used for creating new things and enhancing existing things. 

Today the role of Big Data is extremely essential in the world of business. It is used for marketing purposes, for enhancing productivity and to add value to an existing business. All thanks to data that every step taken in a business today is a calculated and well-analysed step. 

Data has completely changed the way businesses function today! The possibility of mistakes have decreased considerably and effectiveness has increased tremendously. 

Till 2010, the need of storing data was a difficult task for all businesses. Technology helped in streamlining data processing. Came in the picture the role of Data Science, a way to understand the available data and use it for the benefit.

Now let us understand what Data Science is and why its future is bright and auspicious! 


What is Data Science? 

 From Sci-fi movies to marketing, data science is everywhere. Data Science is the mix of many algorithms, tools and techniques that enable the understanding of the available raw data. Through data science, you can not only make informed decisions but also predict the future. 

A data scientist identifies the possibilities and helps in planning actionable steps to stay prepared for the same. A data scientist uses machine learning algorithms to predict what will happen in the future and help in making insightful decisions. 

It makes use of many statistical techniques like data transformations, data modelling, statistical operations and machine learning modelling. The underlying patterns of the data are understood and then used according to the requirements of the user. Today, data science is being used across sectors for various activities, enabling better decision making and performance. 

What is the role of a data scientist? 

A data scientist uses tools and techniques to achieve analytical objectives and plan approaches and steps that must be taken to embrace the changes that might occur in the future.  The Harvard Business Review called Data Science “the sexiest job of the 21st century”.  From startups to well-established businesses, everyone is looking for data scientists. 

Data scientists help in managing and analysing the raw data and clove complex problems as well. The technical knowledge and business skills together make the data scientist the most important part of the business. A well-trained and knowledgeable data scientist can add value to a business in several ways. Their analysis and ability to plan calculated steps for the business save time and money. 

If you are interested in making a career as a Data Scientist then be prepared to have a great future for your career. Data Science is one of the most trending subjects under the umbrella of technology and talented professionals are needed by every industry to understand the complexities of the data and use it for the benefit of the business. 

Jobs that you can take up after completing your professional degree in Data Science. 

  • Data Scientist.
  • Machine Learning Engineer.
  • Machine Learning Scientist.
  • Applications Architect.
  • Enterprise Architect.
  • Data Architect.
  • Infrastructure Architect.
  • Data Engineer.

What is the role of Future-Ready Skills Training by Symbiosis Skills And Professional University?

Future- Ready Skills Training is a thoughtful initiative taken by Symbiosis Open Education Society and implemented by Symbiosis Skills and Professional University (SSPU) Pune. This Initiative aims to empower students with the knowledge and transform their lives for the good. 

The idea is to impart technical knowledge to graduate students from the underprivileged sections and give them equal opportunities to make a career in one of the most rapidly developing industries. 

Machine Learning, Data Science, Blockchain Technologies are some of the many courses that SSPU is offering to enhance one’s knowledge and lead them towards success. The courses are designed in a way that meets the needs of the industry and employers. The topics and curriculum are industry-relevant, preparing the students to get jobs they deserve. 

In these short-term certificate courses, industry experts and experienced faculty members give their best to teach even the smallest of aspects of the subject. The students get a chance to experience an exceptional skill-based teaching pedagogy. These are technology-driven courses and are some of the most trending topics. 

As the courses are aligned with jobs available in the market, SSPU also provides placement support to help students get to their dream job. 

The Readily Available Well-Designed Courses Are:

  1. Certificate Course in Machine Learning Engineer
  2. Certificate Course in Data Associate
  3. Certificate Course in AR & VR Developer
  4. Certificate Course in Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Analyst
  5. Certificate Course in 3D Printing Machine Installer and Operator (Additive Manufacturing)
  6. Certificate Course in CNC Programmer
  7. Certificate Course in PLC Programmer
  8. Certificate Course in Robotic Process Automation
  9. Certificate Course in IoT – Hardware Solution Designer


SSPU, with its immense dedication and commitment, wants to help young talents to discover their true potential and achieve the success they truly deserve. The programs will provide each student with better knowledge and understanding of technology-related topics.  They can confidently embark on their future endeavours after completing the course successfully. 

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