Rewiring Education to Create Future-Ready Skilled IT Professionals

Rewiring Education to Create Future-Ready Skilled IT Professionals

Indeed, the COVID outbreak has deeply remodelled our lives. Remember, when in a matter of weeks industries across sectors grounded to a halt? The corporate sector had downsized operations, and an economic crisis crept in. Prevention and containment policies pursued by the government further witnessed people shifting to remote learning and working – in all adopting the new normal. 

Meanwhile, a sense of fear and uncertainty is palpable across the Class of 2021. As the newest cohort of graduates embarks on their course of entering the job market, they will have to cope with the industries hit by a pandemic and an unstable global economy. 

Need Already Future Ready & Skilled Professionals in the Industry

Now, organisations are specifically looking to hire individuals who can hit the ground running. Their progress will depend on how effectively and quickly they can address a business problem or a challenge. For the same, companies are seeking candidates who would require little hand-holding.

The digital economy needs professionals that are agile from Day 1. Professionals who are knowledgeable and willing to adapt to change. Today, where the world is hit by a pandemic as well as where technology is evolving at a phenomenal rate, an employee who owns limited skill sets will not be able to retain a job and will fail to achieve professional growth.

There is no time left for on-job future-ready skills training and grooming. However, it is the time for educational institutes to overhaul their pedagogy and curriculum to reflect with transformations happening in the global industrial landscape.

Educational institutions today require an inventive approach to integrating new-age courses in the traditional curriculum. Specialised courses by industry experts will enable students to learn those skills in high demand and improve their employability quotient.

While the IT industry used to spend time and energy to groom freshers once they recruit, the need of the hour is to train students with future-ready skills right from college. Not just theory but exposing students to industry assignments and case studies. This will be a great help to IT companies who will receive skilled, productive freshers from day one of their joinings. 

Focus on Future-Ready Skills in Educational Institutions

Future Ready Skills Training


We are still assuming and in awe of what the future of technology will look like. We also can’t say what jobs will be replaced by robots or the problems Artificial Intelligence (AI) will solve. 

But seeing the current situation, what we know is that humans will be required to work with technology as well as each other as a society.

In 2020, educational institutions such as Symbiosis Skills and Professional University are dedicating itself to future-ready skills. They take a deep dive into the true definition of being future-ready, and how diverse skills help students grow while preparing them for any career field they enter. These skills will be essential for students to living healthy lives and growing professionally headstrong in their future careers. 

Future-Ready Skills Training (FST) Program 

Future-Ready Skills Training (FST) Program

Future-Ready Skills Training is a project by Symbiosis Open Education Society and implemented by Symbiosis Skills and Professional University (SSPU) Pune. 

The project directs at imparting free of cost IT skills training to graduate students, to those from underprivileged sections to make them employable in sectors such as Data Science, Automation, Machine Learning, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Blockchain Technologies.

  • The educational project implemented by Symbiosis Skills and Professional University, Pune will offer programs devised to provide appropriate skills to students who aspire for a career in technology. 
  • The courses meet the evolving needs of employers across various sectors. 
  • The programs will include data science, machine learning, automation, blockchain technologies, and augmented and virtual reality.
  • These are all short term certificate courses in the tech domain.
  • SSPU will work with industry experts, employers, and academia to train students through its unique skill-based teaching pedagogy.
  • These courses have been regulated and aligned with jobs available in the market. Students will also be offered placement support to pursue career opportunities after completing the studies.

The courses are as follows:

  1. Certificate Course in Machine Learning Engineer
  2. Certificate Course in Data Associate
  3. Certificate Course in AR & VR Developer
  4. Certificate Course in Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Analyst
  5. Certificate Course in 3D Printing Machine Installer and Operator (Additive Manufacturing)
  6. Certificate Course in CNC Programmer
  7. Certificate Course in PLC Programmer
  8. Certificate Course in Robotic Process Automation
  9. Certificate Course in IoT – Hardware Solution Designer

The university is committed to supporting youngsters from disadvantaged backgrounds with a definitive career path. There are undoubtedly several jobs that exist in the technology space across industries. This program will provide these young adults with the technical skills that they need to meet the evolving requirements of employers now and in the future.

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