Need for Center of Excellence in Automotive Electronics at SSOU

A modern vehicle is characterized by its high degree of use of electronics. There is a huge demand for skilled professionals in the area of automotive electronics and infotronics in order to improve safety, comfort, performance and energy efficient systems. The traditional engineering education doesn’t cater to this requirement. To bridge the gap, we are setting up a CoE (Center of Excellence) in Automotive Electronics, which aims to create, maintain and deliver very high standards of training to its customers (e.g. students, working professionals, entrepreneurs etc.).  The CoE is also gearing up to be a technical solution provider to both Government & Private sector in Automotive and allied areas.

Focused Training Areas of Center of Excellence in Automotive Electronics

Through our German knowledge and training partner Lucas-Nülle (LN), we are providing state-of-the art skill based courses focusing on the following  major technical areas:-

  1. Automotive Electrics: Fundamentals, DC, AC, Analog and Digital Technology
  2. Engine Control: Spark ignition, Alternator/3Phase generator, CRDI, (Basic and advance)
  3. Driver assistance: Sensors, Comfort system, keyless entry, traction control, ABS/ASR/ESP, steering, Climate control
  4. Lighting: Power Supply, Auxiliary lamp, Main lighting, warning lights, interior lighting, fog lamps (Basic and advance)
  5. Safety: Airbag, belt tensioners crash response
  6. Alternate fuel: Hybrid drives, Fuel cell, Solar (Basic and advance)
  7. Extra Automotive Electronic: Trailer socket, Trailer control unit, Static cornering lights
  8. Dashboard Training: CAN-LIN buses, illumination/electrical system, fault simulation, OBD (on board diagnostics) simulator
  9. Alarm systems: Anti-Theft, Immobilizers, Burglar Alarm, interior monitoring

Some of the key International and National Industrial partners who are expected to collaborate with us are: Mahindra, Volvo-Eicher, Tata Motors, MAN Trucks, etc.

Industrial Automation Lab
Robotics Lab

Industrial Sectors Benefited by Centre of Excellence in Automotive Electronics

Since Automotive Electronics is the integral part of any modern vehicles, the scope of applications is vast.

Center of Excellence (Automotive Electronics) will majorly cater to the following Industry sectors:-

  1. Automotive OEMs
  2. Automotive component manufacturing (Tier-1 suppliers)
  3. Research and Development institutions
  4. Manufacturing Industries
  5. Aviation/Aerospace
  6. Electronics Manufacturing Industries, so on..
Servo Machine Test Stand

Benefits of Center of Excellence in Automotive Electronics

Center of Excellence (Automotive Electronics) will provide the following key benefits:-

  1. It will provide focused skill training programs to students, working professionals (both Government & Private sector) in line with the industry requirement.
  2. Creation of Job-Ready professionally skilled manpower for consumption at the international level.
  3. It will provide innovative solutions to the recurring industrial problems related to Automotive domain by utilizing subject expertise and facilities of CoE.
  4. Budding entrepreneurs with the guidance of CoE are expected to bring new products/solutions.
  5. Collaborate with both National and International industries for continuous upgradation of skills and anticipate future requirements.
  6. It will be a one-stop solution provider for problems related to Automotive & allied areas.
Control & Observation Touch Panel

Courses in CoE

  • B.Tech in Automobile Engineering
  • Diploma in Automotive Electronics
  • Certificate in Automotive Service Technician, Test Technician


Written by Prof Dr. Benu Gedam, School of Mechatronics Engineering, Symbiosis Skills & Open University, Pune

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