Mechatronics, the new era!

Mechatronics is a term we don’t hear often compared to other engineering fields like electrical, mechanical, chemical and civil. As a meeting place for mechanical and electrical engineering and computer science, Mechatronics involves the combination of these fields to create machinery and equipment with built in Artificial Intelligence.

Our entire modern world revolves around the advancements in field of electricity.  However, Mechatronics is a future that opens the  possibilities of new breakthrough ideas that have the potential to change the our entire life! Mechatronics is responsible for creating innovative devices and technologies.

Emerging in Japan in 1969, the term Mechatronics originally stood simply to mean the combination of mechanical and electronic. However, as each of those industries has grown, the term now encompasses many things under robotics and electromechanical engineering. The combination of these fields involve motion (mechanics), artificial intelligence (computer science) and the electrical components that create objects that are capable of accomplishing any mechanical tasks.

Mechatronics focuses primarily on developing novel products based on electronic systems, mechanical systems and automated manufacturing.It has immense potential in automobiles and manufacturing industries. Driverless cars and ‘Internet of Things’ are most common applications. Just imagine being able to use the power of Artificial Intelligence to drive cars without any human input.

Many of today’s consumer products incorporate mechanical devices which are controlled by microelectronic systems. The modern motor car includes an engine management system, anti-lock braking and ignition, all of which requires a microcomputer to be interfaced with the mechanical system.

Mechatronics has been vastly spreading in all parts of the world with a wide acceptance from industrial and academic community. It  integrates fundamental and modern engineering. The ever increasing interest in mechatronics has identified a need for education and training to operate in an interdisciplinary manner. Mechatronics represents a synergy and fusion of technologies and regarded as a philosophy supporting new way of thinking and innovation.

The new generation of technical products which can be described as being multidisciplinary distributed systems explains the current increasing demand for engineers with a new qualification and professional profile.

Opportunities after Mechantronics engineering are limitless in the fields like robotics, automobile, aerospace, manufacturing, defence and aviation etc. In fact, it is one of the most sought after qualification in every industry everywhere!

Roles one can get with a Mechatronics degree are Robotics engineer / technician,  Automation engineer, Electronics design engineer, Mechanical design engineer, Data scientist / Data analyst, Instrumentation engineer, Software engineer etc.

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