Looking at Architecture as a skill set of Design

Architecture is the art of designing spaces with a technological edge. It has been developing since historic times. Great masterpieces like Egyptian pyramids, Greek theatres, Palace of Versailles, Roman churches & Colosseum, etc. are an inspiration to the modern world. Earlier, the luxury of elite class has now become the necessity for everyone. Every person is seeking to have a comfortable staying space that he can call a home, a comfortable working space like offices and a place where environment or the sense of space is conducive to learning like educational institutions and healing like multi speciality hospitals focusing on creating a patient friendly environment through Architecture.

Architecture has come a long way since the olden times with developing and innovative technologies and materials, although architectural education has been consistently following the same pattern since the past few decades with few advancements. Looking at the current scenario, where various constructions are taking places with innovative and advanced methods with advanced technologies and materials. The time has come that architectural education be in sync with the current practice. The current trend requires more skilled professionals in every aspect of Architecture like designing, construction technology, building services, quantity surveying and specification writing and other allied aspects like planning, landscape and most importantly environmental architecture.

Symbiosis School of Architecture, Urban Development and Planning focuses on creating skilled professionals of Architecture instead of degree holders. Practical and hands on experiential learning will be focused than classroom teaching. This shall be done through live construction site visits, model making workshop and a huge construction yard where the students can themselves construct and experience the execution of their design. The University also has industry involvement to make the youth industry ready as soon as they complete the course. It has collaboration with Indian Plumbing Sector Skill Council which offers certificate courses to develop the skills in building services. Thus, the Course of Architecture here is looked upon more as a set of Design skills and Symbiosis Skills and Open University’s aim is to make this skill set available to the nation as a part of nation building endeavour.

Written by :  Ar. Manisha Wagh.


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