Know thy degree!

Degree or degree with skills? The need for integration between skill education and higher education has been acknowledged by one and all in India already. Hence a degree aspirant has to look for programs that offer him much coveted ‘skill’ that makes him industry ready along with the degree. The issue of unemployability is also talked about by one and all in same breath when they discuss the revisions in the education system!

Knowing the degree program you are applying for has become all that more relevant – which skills, pedagogy, specialization, industry training, work opportunities et al. Firstly, students must demand for a degree with skills than a mere degree.

Then, how is the degree program that offers skills is different from conventional degree programs?

  • Exclusive Skill component in teaching
  • Skill Assessment by industry
  • Min 70% learning by doing


  • Multi-skill with sector focus
  • Focus based on industry insights and Gap analysis


  • Industry veterans as core subject teachers
  • Working professionals as trainers to teachers
  • Industry experience as a qualification

Internships / Work Experience

  • Part of semesters
  • Graduate with work experience

Multi-mode Teaching

  • Online with live classes
  • MOOC based classes
  • In laboratories or field
  • Content!


  • Frequently updated with industry insights
  • Every course is a skill course in itself!

Intern-disciplinary Skills

  • Separate credits for soft skills and life-coping skills

Modular Courses

  • Course as a credit course (subject)
  • Credit banking and transfer
  • Grow with skills!

Learning Factories

  • Labs and skill centers set up with learning kits
  • Infrastructure by the industry partners
  • Industry machinery on campus

Industry Participation

  • Curriculum design – program study – gap analysis – laboratory set up – internships – staff training

Students and parents should look for these features in a degree program before taking any decision.
Remember, knowing thy degree has become very necessary in the world that has become so demanding and competitive!



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