Dynamic role of Strength and Balance Exercise for Women’s bone Health 

Fit body is secret recipe of fit mind. On Occasion of women’s day I would like to bring attention towards most vulnerable part of their health i.e. exercises and its relationship with women’s bone health. Bones are the structures that not only provides structural and protective support of our organs but also helps in giving right posture to us.  Bones are getting restructured continuously in out body. As old bones break new bone develops. So whether it is osteoporosis, osteomalacia, spondylitis all are linked to low bone mass density and poor bone structure. This means that they are part of the larger process of body restructuring. Human body is the machine which is used for work and in fact the immobility and pain in neck / back / legs can lead to change in financial, physical loss of balance in our life. But we generally tend to look at the issue form the limited view of medical issue blaming the intake of less calcium to ill-health to the problems.  Besides, somehow we ignore the role of balance and strength training exercise in building bone structure. In my last article published in Symbiosis Skills University blogs, I had tried to address the factors by which India lags behind in doing physical exercise. One of the possible reasons to it is our ignorance about good effects of exercise and fitness in our daily life. Today, I like to pen down the points which can help you in giving regular movement and freedom from all pain for your life.

First of all one need to understand what is strength and why do some people have more strength then others. How does it help our body in completing the work faster and better? Strength is the ability of our body to exert force during an activity. Usually it is measured by how much weight you can lift. People with good strength have fewer problems with backaches and can carry out their daily tasks efficiently. This will indeed allow a person to exert more force in doing or lifting things at ease. Muscular Endurance is the ability of the muscle to continue to perform without fatigue. Moreover, if we have good strength and endurance we can run, lift and do same work more efficiently and timely without getting tired and frustrated. Push up, weight lifting for example can be good exercises to improve strength in us.

 Secondly, we need to learn about benefits of balance and flexibility in our day to day life. Do you think you can move your head from one side to other without any pains? Can you move the head in circular motion and touch your feet with arms while standing? These are the parameters of measuring balance in our body. Do they actually influence our day to day life? Can it lead to bone deformities if not taken care on time?  The answer is unfortunately yes!! One can be victims of many bone deformities if we do not care about flexibility and balance of our body. In fact sometimes it may also leads to lot of irreversible posture deformities in our life. Research has proved that every one out of four Indians is suffering from neck or back problems which has destroyed their curvatures of body. What is the prevention to such sufferings, well the Yoga, Zumba and other dances for instance can bring substantial rise in one’s flexibility. 

Finally I would like to conclude that strength and balance are essence of fit bones. They not only help in giving good bone health but also prepare us for future fitness and increased efficiency. So get your flexibility and strength judged by wellness coach or expert. Now is the right time for all women to invest in bone health and life long benefits with the same.

By Dr Meesha Deshpande

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