Demand of Skills in Supply Chain Management Sector

According to the experts there is a pressing demand for skills in supply chain management (SCM) and hence there is a tremendous scope for people having the skills in this area. Dwindling trends in most of the sectors makes it interesting to know the facts about these skills in Supply Chain Management Sector.

The probable reasons to constant increase in demand in SCM specific skills are due to 

  • Customers awareness and demanding nature
  • Increasing uncertainty of supply networks 
  • Globalization and transformation of businesses 
  • Increase of product variety and complexity
  • Shortening of product life cycles
  • Personalization of features and services
  • Applications of advanced technologies in this sector 

Acquiring the skills and exposure in SCM is not only enjoyable journey but it is wonderful opportunity as it cuts across the entire business and it is an increasingly suitable springboard to make it to the top.

These unique skills in demand with knowledge of application includes (and not limited to):

Common management skills that includes planning, organizing, monitoring and analyzing the business activities that comes under term Principles of Management.

Basics of accounting, economics and marketing is the skills needed for running any business.

Operations Management, Service Management and Risk Management skills are the pillars of business.

Business cannot be run without effective Materials Management, Inventory Management, Multimodal Transportation and Warehouse Management skills.

In this competitive world business may not sustain with lacking skills such as e-Commerce, Data Analytics, and Information Systems.

To grow business across globe one must have essential skills such as International Logistics, Exim Trade Procedure and Legal Aspects of Logistics.

Generic skills such as Production Planning and Control and Theory of Constraints always keeps the business at competitive age.

Ultimately the skills such as Entrepreneurship, Communication Skills with Green / Sustainable Logistics and application of Advance Technology are certainly going to reward.

These are the list of few essentials skills, having the industry exposure with these skills is icing on the cake.   

With the industry poised for growth, there will be many upcoming opportunities for those looking for a making the career within the supply chain and logistics industry.  

At Symbiosis Skills and Open University (SSOU) these all the skills are being imparted under one roof by Industry veterans with three years degree course and offering eight months professional internship in the industry providing the industry exposure.             (By Dr. Satish Chinchorkar, Professor, SSOU)

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