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Post 2015-16, focus of technology industry has remarkably shifted from data storing to data processing and drawing intelligence from the vast amount of data.  It is here Data Science comes into picture. While Data Science is a field that cleanses data, prepares data and analyses data and models to draw wisdom from it, Machine Learning, AI etc. are very much have it as their backbone. Every business today is not only concerned about vast data getting generated in its every business process but also worried about  using it rightly so that it is of value to its growth.  We are living in a world surrounded by data. In this data-world our actions are influenced by analysis of data. Decisions drive our actions.

 Who does NOT need Data Science?

Of course, answer is nobody as you can ponder upon some of its popular applications below.

  • Imagine how unstructured data gets generated in a telecom company’s call center that has multiple contact points like voice support, text messages, email support or even complaints submitted in hard copies at various locations. Normal BI tools are not capable of preparing this data of different forms and sizes for analysis. Enterprise must have to have the capability to cleanse the data, model it against right logic and present it for analysis.
  • Companies including e-commerce retailers are vying to grab consumers by knowing their preferences and intelligently recommending right product that can be an upsale or a cross sale. Definitely the retailer must have the capability to not only collect and collate the data but also model it intelligently so that recommendations are closer to consumer preferences.
  • Smart cars have systems that are capable of taking decisions – what should be the right speed, when to start the viper, how to position the steering to park the vehicle. All such intelligence is an outcome of the analysis of data that comes from different sensors, satellite systems or inputs made by the owner of the vehicle.
  • It is said that a soccer game between two teams is a contest between two data scientists! With sensors in shin guards of players giving vast amount of data, now teams get to study rival team’s strategies in detail and chalk out plans to attack them for optimum results.

Applications of data science and hence of Artificial Intelligence or Deep Learning galore all across – from e-commerce to predicting sale of coke bottles, from smart cars to designing learning paths for students, from medical treatment and diagnosis to small mobile apps for creating images – there is no field that does not have the application of data science. Data Science and AI are touted as the big thing, as big as what electricity was!

Data Science Scope in India :

  1. The IT industry is expecting to add around 180000–200000 fresh job vacancies that are related to recent technologies like Data Science and Machine Learning (Source: Indeed)
  2. Data Scientist is considered as the Sexiest Job of 21st Century!
  3. As per TeamLease Services – a popular staffing solutions co. – by the year “2020, India will face a demand-supply gap of 2,00,000 data analytics professionals”
  4. Jobs include roles as programmers, analysts, functional expert, data scientist, AI professional, data analyst etc.
  5. Demand of data scientists in India has increased by 400% in last two years according to one report.
  6. According to PyScale report, average salary of a data scientist in India is Rs. 7 L per year with freshers earning upward of Rs. 3 L per year. Start ups pay more compared to established IT and services companies.
  7. A global McKinsey Institute study projected that there will be shortage soon of about 190,000 data science professionals in US alone. The pay packages offered for professionals in this area are also amongst the highest.

Symbiosis Skills & Open University, only skill development university in the state of Maharashtra evolves its programs from industry demands. With inputs from the partners and its research on demand for skills, its School of Data Science has launched two programs that will cater to the pressing need of data scientists and AI professionals.

B.Sc. in Data Science if a unique 3 years full time program meant to create a fresh data scientist to fill in the role that is needed in every industry. It starts with foundation subjects including math and statistics to object oriented programming to make graduates equipped with not only programming skills but also skillful to use BI tools that are used in the industry. Graduates also work on industry projects through internships every year and stand a chance to get global opportunities in the field.

According to International Data Corporation (IDC), a technology research company, global data analytics and big data market is likely to reach USD 57 billion by 2020 with a CAGR of 23%. This also means that there is going to be a bigger gap in demand and supply of data scientists, including experienced professionals for information management, software development, data analytics, artificial intelligence and data discovery. It is extremely important for every working professional to have a good understanding of the importance of data, data analysis and data driven decisions.

Post Graduate Diploma in Data Science & AI is the second program launched by SSOU. It is aimed at equipping IT professionals with the know-how of the data science field. The program will introduce machine learning as well as Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence with focus on use cases. This program will also help the IT enterprises from the perspective of implementing machine learning and developing the resources to handle more intellectual work.

It is a week end program with 1 year duration, suited for working professionals and unlike other online programs on data science, PGD is conducted in the classroom in SSOU campus.

SSOU’s School of Data Science has industry trained teachers, mathematics experts and industry trainers who will conduct classes for both the programs. SSOU has organized a counselling as well as webinars every week-end to inform more about its programs. For details, visit or call 020-2718-7766/1043.


—- SSOU Editorial Team

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