Being Slim is the new Depression

By: Nutritionist Ruchu Kuthiala

Assistant Professor, Symbiosis Skills and Professional University 

U.G.C NET, (Foods and nutrition), Clinical Nutritionist, Sports Nutritionist, Weight loss management expert, Child care Nutritionist

For many decades, India was called as country of varied herbs, spices and perfect blend of nutrients. A country where “vyayam” was the way of leading life not compulsion. Fitness of mind body and soul was achieved with yoga. BUT sometimes I wonder is this the same India where I am living in? A country which is suffering from the outbreak of “Dual malnutrition”-over and undernutrition. We always understood malnutrition as poor nutrition, poverty, slum and unhygienic conditions but today’s generation is suffering from that side of malnutrition where overindulgence in carbohydrates and trans fats is making them vulnerable for all NCCD’s-non communicable chronic disorders.

No wonder in race of aping the western culture we have become the capital of “Diabetes” and struggling with Obesity. There was a time when to be fit was considered as necessity and now to be fit means to flaunt good dresses and to be talk of town in peers .In this hoard of being slim and size “O” many youngsters and even adults are falling prey of wrong products in the market. They do not even bother to check the composition of the slimming products and are following them blindly. There is a whole market of unauthorized slimming products sold and consumed. However I feel whom to blame for this condition-peer, consumer or seller. Not only this the concept of body shaming is a big serious issue especially among the teenagers. Our future generation not only do dieting in unhealthy ways even go to any extent to look slim. They do not understand the difference in staying fit and healthy and being slim. Nature has made all of us very different with different body types and different face and body cuts. All of us are perfect and imperfect in so many ways .So why to be ashamed of this? Over and over again it’s proven “Praise is the epitome of motivation, confidence, happiness and the best medicine, on contrary “Shaming” is nothing but disaster to self-existence. Your one negative comment can blow the self-confidence and self-imaging of the person for days or even years. 

We all want to look good and for that we need to eat good nutrition, do exercise and maintain positive attitude rather than looking for short cuts like-Dieting, starvation and pills. Weight management is no magic it takes years and years of self-discipline and dedication which once achieved, stays longer with you as your best friend. “Balanced diet” then, today and always, be the best –no matter how old this concept is, its forever. People are following a buffet of FAD diets just under some influence without understanding their metabolism and effect of such harsh diet on their body.  A wrong diet can disturb the ph of your blood, weaken your immune system and makes you target of so many nutritional deficiencies.

In the end I would like to summarise that the concept of healthy eating which is a combination of right amount and quality of nutrients with physical exercise is always a saviour and truth. No matter how many different concepts and short cuts flood the market but staying fit is a long and fruitful journey.

Except yourself and your body type it’s your genetics, work on your weight flaws rather than ignoring and feeling ashamed of it. A well planned diet with individual requirement will help anyone to reach the goal.

“Stay Fit and love yourself” and say no to “Being Slim”


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