Become a Specialized Mechanical Engineer with Advanced Knowledge of Automobile Engineering

Automobile engineering is a specialized branch of mechanical engineering, where student learns various engineering fields like mechanics, mechanisms, designing, manufacturing operations of automobiles. It deals with vehicle engineering of motorcycles, cars, buses, trucks, etc. This includes study of mechanical, electronics, software and safety elements.

Symbiosis Skills and Open University is offering a unique program, B. Tech. in Automobile Engineering to prepare skilled & industry ready automobile engineer.
Indian Automobile Industry is now competing with world leaders like USA, Japan and Germany to become third largest automobile manufacturer in the world. Government of India is giving high thrust to automobile sector through various schemes and missions.
At Symbiosis Skills University, we include contemporary domain knowledge of automobile engineering in our curriculum to fulfill the Industry needs and to support the automotive mission plan of Government of India; particularly E-mobility. The laboratories at Symbiosis Skills University are the world’s most contemporary which enable students to get a hands-on experience in these modern labs to study various aspects of vehicle engineering, electric vehicle technologies, hybrid engine technologies, safety and environmental aspects of mobility solutions. Such labs and skill centers are set up with help from our partners including SKF, Volks Wagen, Daikin, LN and Fiat India.
Internships every year helps student get acquainted with various aspects of product design, manufacturing, safety engineering, fuel economy and emissions, NVH engineering, vehicle electronics, durability, drivability, cost and quality. This complements our mission to prepare our students to be industry ready.
Students will have opportunities in following job functions of Automobile and Allied Engineering Industry
• Automobile Engineer
• Automotive Design and Development Engineer
• Service Engineer
• Maintenance Engineer
• Underbody Engineer
• Production Engineer
• Quality Engineer
• Vehicle Safety Engineer
• Emission Research Scientist
• NVH Engineer
• Engine Performance Analyst
• Vehicle Instrumentation Engineer
• Supplier Warranty Recovery Specialist etc.


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