Augmented Reality Content for better comprehension at SSOU

Another pioneering initiative by Symbiosis Skills & Open University! Augmented reality, a very cool and in-vogue technology you will find around, has entered SSOU in the form of teaching content.

Here are its features –

  • SSOU has developed a mobile app on Tango platform. What this platform does is, it assesses the dimensions of the classroom and places the learning objects virtually in front of students. The interface could be a mobile phone, a tablet or simply a bigger screen that projects the virtual object.
  • SSOU has begun with five separate learning objects. One of them is the engine block, a typical 4-stroke IC engine that appears in front of students virtually. Students get to see how its various components fit together, take a closer or upside down view to know more about the component or simply tap them to understand their features!


  • Another learning object is for retail program students that show how merchandise are arranged in a typical retail store. Here, students get to see various types of arrangements in a store and understand their advantages. Students get to take a closer view, try and change the arrangement or know more about the theory behind every type of arrangement by simply tapping on the screen!
  • There are a couple more learning objects – a software development life cycle, product movement from factory to consumer and berthing of ship at the port. Students get to feel the topic in case, increasing the engagement and attention span.


Use of AR in education has been evolving recently and SSOU aims at using more such learning objects to make learning more fun and closer to the real life!

When you visit SSOU, don’t forget to ask for AR content demo to see it for yourself!


With inputs from Shravan Kadvekar.

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